Education and Children’s Rights

Every child has a right to not only an education, but the tools they require to succeed in an academic setting. This means enforcing existing protection laws and seeing to it that educational institutions do their part to prevent unsafe situations and provide adequate resources for all students.

From accommodations for students with special needs to seeking recourse in bullying situations, the DSF education lawyers are here to ensure children’s rights are upheld to the standards of the law. We are experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of educational rights for children and can work with you to ensure the safety and access to education that your child deserves.


Children’s rights and the accommodations that a school is legally required to make can vary greatly between public and private schools. Depending on location, funding, number of students and a variety of other factors, your child may be entitled to additional accommodations or may be faced with limited access to resources.

At DSF, we are well versed in both public and private school law and can help you navigate the laws in your school board as needed. Above all else, no matter the school type or location, your child is entitled to a safe learning experience and we will fight to ensure this requirement is upheld in every way.


The Rights of Children with Special Needs: If your child has special physical or mental requirements, each school board has a wide range of accommodations that they are required to make available. From allowing for a reduced workload to providing additional in-class assistance, there are a variety of options for students with many forms of disability. If you feel that your child is not being given adequate accommodations according to the law, DSF will provide knowledgeable representation to help you navigate the law and the school system.

Bullying in Schools: There are many cases when bullying is not simply a matter of another child’s bad behavior. While actions can and should be taken against the student doing the bullying, sometimes the school board is just as much at fault. In both cases, DSF education lawyers can help you determine each students’ and the school board’s level of responsibility.

Discipline and Expulsion: While there are many cases when suspending or expelling a student is the right course of action, there are many times that the punishment does not fit the crime. If your child is facing serious disciplinary actions, the DSF lawyers will work with you to ensure the school is working within the guidelines of the law and will help minimize the punishment when possible.


If your child is facing any barrier to getting the education they deserve, we are here to help. DSF has three convenient locations in Whitby, Barrie and Toronto. To find the office closest to you, please contact us at (416) 449-1400